After another vacation in France this summer (2006) my engine was showing its age.

It was leaking oil at different places, one spark plug was constant oily and there were vibrations in the engine which started at 3500 RPM (no matter what gear it was in).

It also was the only part of the Spit I didn't restore yet, it's was Mk1 engine in a Mk2 car, so that was wrong... On August 3 2006 the restoration started, in September 2007 I finished it.

I bougt an original Mk2 engine and I dismanteled it, replaced the parts that needed replacing and completly rebuild it as new. I've had some help from a good friend of mine, (Thank you very much Roland!), the engine was professionally spray painted and the work on the crankshaft and cylinders were done by specialists.

All the pictures are there, don't hesitate emailing me if you have any questions.


Last update: October 1 2007