In the sumer of 2005 I made an Alternative "Tour de France" with Mark Jorissen. We drove approximately 4500 KM (2800 Miles) with the top down through France.

We only drove on the small roads, through the little towns and over beautiful mountain roads.

Started in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) we crossed Belgium and entered France near Valenciennes. We drove around Paris to Nantes, took the Atlantic route to the south, drove through Garonne and the Pyrenees to the city Perpignan (at the Mediterranean Sea), went to Spain for a day, went through the Ardece and a piece of the Alpes to the north of France. From there we drove throug Luxemburg, Belgium and arraived back in Eindhoven 14 days later.

My little Mk2 did not have any trouble with the small mountain roads or the enviroment temperature of 31+ degrees Celsius (88+ degrees Fahrenheit), in fact he enjoyed it! (And so did we!)

We took a lot of pictures during this holiday and I decided that this site is a nice place to show some of the nice places we've visited. Hope you like them!


Last update: October 2007